Life/Work Coaching for parents

Once you have children you'll probably understand what people were talking about when they said how much your life would change! You may not have expected the birth of a new baby to be so stressful or that it would shake your assumptions about how you want to live your life so much.  Some of the issues parents want coaching support on include:


• I’ve been a stay at home mom but I now want to return to

          work but I feel unsure about what to do.

• I’ve gone back to work after the birth of my child and I’m

          unhappy with my current job as it lacks flexiblity.

• I’d like to start my own business or be self-employed but I

          don’t know how to get started.















I want you to enjoy both your family and your working life!! Coaching will anchor you in your values, dreams and aspirations so you can move forward into the future with clear actions and plans.






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