Why I coach on the 'Baby Decision'

Although I coach on a range of issues, my main niche is coaching women (and men) on the decision to have a child or not.


Many people have asked me what led me to coach on such a specific topic.  

To those people who have never felt stuck on the issue - who have always known that they either want children OR don't want children, this must seem like a very strange topic to coach people on.


But I know exactly what it is like to feel stuck in the land of indecision around whether to forge ahead and have children (or attempt to have children) or to carry on and live a childfree life.


For me, my decision was complicated by the fact that I disagreed with my partner about having kids.  As he already had a grown up child from a previous relationship and was already of an age when he thought he had put all that behind him, he really didn't want to embark on the new journey of having another child.


So for a couple of years, I bounced back and forth on what to do.  I looked for some advice or guidance and didn't find a whole lot out there to help me.

Finally, I resolved the decision.  I decided I did want to try to have a child and I communicated with my partner over a number of months to see if we could come to an agreement.  In the end, he agreed to have a child and we now have an 11 year old.


And yet, I also know that I could have still had a good and fullfulled life without children - it would have just been a very different life.  


That's what led me to decide to use coaching as a way to help women (and yes, sometimes men) through this really difficult decision.  


Having coached on the issue for just under 10 years, I can honestly say it is still incredibly rewarding.  Particularly when I hear from clients who have moved on with their lives as a result of the coaching - whether they have decided to be child free or whether they have a child, I always love to hear from clients who felt able to acknowledge their fears and then, move forward in their lives.




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