What issues do I coach people on?

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I offer both face to face and telephone coaching on a range of issues including work/life balance, setting life priorities, achieving your vision in your personal or professional life and developing your creative or business ideas.  


Many people are unhappy in their jobs or work - but they don't know what they want to do instead. Career coaching can help you find what you want to really be doing in your working life.  To find out more go to how I work for more information


Helping you with the decision to have children - The 'tick tock' of the biological clock can make the decision whether to have children difficult and stressful for many women. If you are struggling with the decision to have children you can the go  Children or Not section to find out more.


Solo Entrapraneurs/Small Business Owners - I love working with people seeking to develop and create their business idea and coaching can really help you develop the focus for your business, help you keep motivated and enable you to achieve the goals you've set for the business.


Leadership - Having completed a one year leadership development programme myself, having been a CEO of a charity I am passionate about working with leaders to enable them to become more powerful and more authentic.


Many of my clients report that although they came in to address one specific area or challenge, they ended up with more clarity and confidence in most areas of their life.  


We will take a holistic approach - and throughout the coaching we will always look at the BIG picture of what your bigger vision is, what you want to 'bring into the world', who you are when you are at your most powerful and authentic and how you can be that person more often -  alongside addressing the specific issue which brought you to coaching.  


You can have coaching over the phone or at one of my practice rooms in London (Central London or East Dulwich).  


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