Lessons Learnt from Singing Karoke


It's great that spring is finally here! At last! I always feel more energised with the return of the warmer weather - ready to get out and about!  I've made an intention this spring to strech and push myself out of my comfort zones.  And one way I did this was through singing other week at a karaoke event called Kirsty's Poptastic Sing-a-along where I sang Jolene with a live band!


Of course, my saboteur showed up a few times.  I had to ignore the saboteur voice that said it was too far and too rainy and push myself out of my comfort zone of South London to go into the 'wilds' of North London's Crouch End - actually very civilized but unknown territory for me!  Then I had to push the voice saying how ridiculous I would seem and how I wasn't a good enough singer, etc, etc.  Once I pushed that voice away, I decided to go ALL OUT and take advantage of the props - including a blonde wig, cowboy hat and sunglasses!  (there is video footage on You Tube... and I will send the link to anyone who requests it!).


Although I initially did feel absolutely ridiculous and vulnerable, what I  noticed was how behind me the audience was - no heckling but cheering from people who were not even my friends.  And as the evening went on, I noticed that when people got up to sing who were not the best or most perfect singers how much warmth there was in the room.  It was proof of what I often say to my clients - that being vulnerable can bring us into much more connection and relationship with others.


In my current news, I've been developing new aspects of my work.   I've been doing more work in organsiations - coaching and leading workshops on a range of topics from leadership to developing confidence.  If your work might be interested in this, do let me know.   I've also in the process of completing my supervision training and I'm starting to take on coaches who are looking for superviser to help them develop and grow their coaching practice.


I've also refreshed my publicity leaflet aimed at people wanting coaching around work or career.  I'm very happy to post out some of my leaflets so if you would like some leaflets to give to friends, colleagues or just put out at local cafes, let me know!


One of my areas I love to coach on is helping people get happier with their working life.  If you (or anyone you know) can relate to any of the bullet points below, get in touch  for a free consultation or pass on my details.


* hate your job but don't know what you want to do instead


* need help/motivation with your freelance career or business


* gone back to work from maternity leave and feeling like you need a better work/life balance


* looking at redundancy and want to review your options


* feeliing ready for a change but need some support


Wishing you alll a lively and lovely spring time full of new adventures and experiences!






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