Starting the New Year - Setting Intentions


People have been setting goals and resolutions for the year ahead for thousands of years.  I've always wondered where the idea for setting resolutions at New Years comes from. This article on History Today explains more about The History of New Year's Resolutions


The problem with New Year's resolutions is that they are notoriously difficult to keep.  We say we are going to go to the gym more often,  ditch the sugar, take up a hobby, write more, be a nicer person....


And then, a few weeks later, it's all forgotten  and we are back to where we started.  Untill next year of course.  Why?  We can often so get overwhelmed by the task before us, by the changes we need to make and then we can give up.


So how can we make much needed changes and satisfy our human need to start the year with goal setting?


I encourage all my clients to set one main intention and invoke one quality that we are wanting more of.   A quality could be something like 'ease',  'peace', 'joy', 'lightness', 'centeredness', 'calm'.  


It's a feeling or way of being that we want more of.  You can tell you've picked the right one for you at this time because when you say it, you will feel something has clicked into place .


By regularly invoking this quality, this quality can grow so that it becomes much more a part of our being and way of being.   How can you do this?  The way that I give to all my clients is to ask the question in stillness or silence 'What would it be like if I had alittle bit more of my quality in my body or my being right now?'  


Through asking the question, we allow the quality to come in without forcing it.  The question allows the unknown to come in and provide us with an answer.   I suggest doing this at first for 5 minutes. Sit still and ask yourself this question again and again. See what answer wants to emerge.   And then, every day, find ways and times to ask yourself this question again.  Then, after a few weeks, you should be able to just say the quality to yourself and you will have a different sensation as you do so.


An intention is a statement similiar to a resolution.  It's something you want to bring into the world.  But I feel that an intention is alittle more forgiving than a resolution.  It allows for change.  It feels more adaptable and something you can, as humans tend to do, forget and then pick up again.  Or as the Buddishts say, begin again. You can pick an overarching, global intentions such as 'My intention is to make the world a better place.'  Or perhaps you will choose a focussed intention such as 'My intention is to write my book.'  


You can add to this intention and say ' I don't know how this is going to happen yet.'

then pause 'And my intention is that I am going to write my book.'


By adding the middle sentence, we allow ourselves to have doubt and not be sure exactly how we are going to make our intention happen.  And this allows us to move forward, despite our doubts and despite not knowing exactly how it will work out.


May your 2020 be a rich and full year - explore your intention (s) and fill yourself with the joy of having more of your quality in your life right now!



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