Autumn Thoughts - September 2009

Hi everyone,


I read a series of fascinating articles in the Guardian a few weeks

ago - all about happiness and how to be happy.


Although there are many different opinions on this topic, one of the

things that has been proven does help raise our levels of happiness is

to keep a 'graditute journal'.  What you do is to write down - every

few days - things you are grateful for (or appreciate) about your life

or that day.  Try it and see if it increases your happiness or

contentment with life.


Anyway, it's September and I've got that 'back to school' feeling - ready to go, full of energy for new projects and things.  In October, I'll be

launching a Leadership Workshop I've developed with colleague Kate

Griffiths at the European Co-Active Community Day.


Our Whole Self Leadership Model taks participants through

th four wings of the model - mind, body, emotions and spirt.  When you

can hold or lean into each area, you will be able to tap into a

powerful and authentic leadership role.  We will be taking this into

organisations so le tme know if your organisations would be interested.


And, there are still spaces at the workshop 'Creating from Polarity'

that my colleague Ursula Glunk and I will be running on the 31st

October 2009 in London.  This will be a lively and experiential

workshop that will help you learn how to deal with inter-dependent

opposites that show up in our lives time and time again (i.e. order vs

disorder, inner vs outer)  Let me know if you are interested in coming

along.  More informaiton about the workshop can be found on our

website at


Have a great September and let me know how you get on with the

graditute journal!

Life/Work Coach

*making changes *planning actions *exploring dreams *creating futures



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