May 2011 - Spring Awakening

Dear All,


I don't know about you but I'm so pleased that spring is well and truly awakened! As I'm zipping around the city, I try to use a simple mindfulness technique that makes me slow down and just notice what surrounds me. I say in my head 'And now, I am noticing the big blue flowers in that garden, I am hearing the sounds of the birds in the trees in the park, I am noticing the way the light of the sun reflects off the water.' Try it!


So, a YEAR of thinking and considering and wondering how to bring my workshops/training to a larger number of people (and letting my own saboteurs get in my own way of course!), I've just launched a new venture with my colleague Margot who is based in Germany. We'll be taking embodied leadership programmes into businesses who are wanting to develop their senior staff to have more confidence, presence and leadership power. Our website is: Regular clients of mine will recognise many of the techniques that I use in our coaching sessions which allow you to become more centred, agile, communicate more effectively and deal with stress/pressure better.


If you think the people in your business or organisation would benefit from our programmes/group training just send me the contact details of the person(s) within your business or organisation in Learning and Development who commission in-house training for staff.


Another development for me is that I have become a licenced Firework Career Coach. The Firework Career Coaching programme is a systematic approach designed to help clients explore their passions/interests/skills/strengths, dream about the range of careers they could do and then discover which direction they wish to go. I integrate the programme with it's series of exercises into my coaching practice. If you or a friend is interested in this career coaching programme, let me know!


I'll end this e-zine with a quote from my teacher Wendy Palmer - whose book 'The Intuitive Body' I recommend to clients.


'If we can connect to ourselves, then we can make genuine connections to others. Our relationship to ourselves is reflected in our relationship with others. As our anxiety and hostility toward ourselves is softened, our defences can begin to come down. We can begin to dismantle the fence, the barricade which surrounds us. We are intrinsically connected to all things in a mysterious way.' ~ Wendy Palmer


Looking forward to hearing or seeing you all soon!





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Blue Flowers in my garden