Getting into the Flow - August 2009

Hope you are all well!  I've been having a busy summer - I'm currently working on aworkshop I'm running on the 31st October in London on 'Creating from Polarity'. The

workshop is booking up now - which is great  Go if you want more information


Throughout the past month, I've been reflection alot about how to step into the  'flow' -the energy that is created when you are 'on purpose' - living a creative life, with passion and love for what you do.  On a recent tele-conference with the Polarity Pathways group in the US, we were discussing the polarity of 'inflow' and 'outflow' (or 'giving' and 'receiving').  A tangible example of how this polarity plays out in our everyday life is around money -

many of us (myself included!) can get anxious about money and find our anxieites focus us on constricting the outflow of money.  But what would happen, if instead of only constricting the outflow - you did the opposite - while still being responsible with your money?  Would there be more 'flow' between the poles of giving and receiving?


The facilitator gave us a challenge - to spend some money (it didn't have to be alot!) that we wouldn't have normally spent on something that would 'feed our soul'.  And we were to see what happened - did it increase the flow of resources to us as well?  For myself, the results were very eye-opening!


And, so I'd like to give all of you the same challenge. I invite you all to spend either money OR time on something that feeds your soul.  Maybe it's just spending £10 on meditation or yoga class - maybe it's about buying a book or DVD.  Or maybe there is a

workshop you would like to attend. OR it could be taking 30 minutes of your day to dosomething that you are longer for but think that you just don't have the time. Whatever you think would 'feed your soul'.  See what this frees up for you - and if you want to share, I'd love to know what happens for you!

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See you all soon and enjoy the summer!





Beth Follini, CPCC

Life/Work Coach

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