Feb 2010 - Who & What will you let into the ark of your heart?

Valentine's Day can sometimes fall abit flat for many of us. If you

aren't in a relationship and want to be it can feel like everyone else

in the world is engaged in romantic bliss. Or, you could find

yourself in a long-term relationship and feel disappointed when you

end up bickering with your partner - instead of feeding each other



I've never found a good way to celebrate the day when I was single or

when I was in a relationship. I happened upon this simple suggestion on the Spirituaity and Practice Webiste (http://www.spiritualityandpractice.com) today on how to celebrate and bring more love into your life - whatever your situation, which I thought I would share with you! In the morning, ask yourself: "Who and what am I going to let aboard the ark of my heart today?" In the evening, review your day, warmly greeting all your loves. Try it and see what happens!


In other news, I'm giving all my clients and contacts advance notice

of a workshop I'm running in London on Friday 23rd April. I'm running

this workshop with my colleague Kate Griffiths. The reason we are

running the workshop is because the world is changing. It is easy to

feel fearful - to believe we have to play it safe, draw the curtains, put our heads down, retreat.


We believe that it is time to act, to make a positive change. We need

to bring about a new paradigm. We are all capable of this through

authentic self leadership. It is all about being in tune with our whole self - mind, body, spirit and emotions. Whether you are a manager who is leading a team, an entrepreneur making a go of being self-employed or someone who is wanting to move to the next level in being a leader in your life, this workshop will facilitate you to discover more about your

leadership potential.


So come join Kate and I on Friday 23 April in London to discover more.

Email us on kate@wholeselfleadership.com to book your place or go to

http://www.authenticselfleadership.wordpress.com to find out more.

Some participants are having the cost of the workshop paid through

their work and we are more than happy to issue invoices organisations and businesses.


And, get in touch if you would like one-to-one coaching - or know

someone who would benefit and we can arrange a free, initial 30 minute

consultation session.





Beth Follini, CPCC

Life/Work Coach



*making changes *planning actions *exploring dreams *creating futures


'Live adventurously. When choices arise, do you take the way that offers the

fullest opportunity for the use of your gifts in the service of the community?

Let your life speak.' - Quaker Saying

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