Taking a step back at Christmas


It is  December now and I'm sure your thoughts are being drawn to the upcoming X-mas period - maybe feeling both excited but also burdenedby the thought of everything you have to do (buy presents, sort outing, food, organise parties!).  


One thing I always find helpful in busy times which are ladden with emotional significance like x-mas, is to try to take a step back (maybe imagine you are rising high over the scene in a hot air balloon) and think about what is it that is most important about this time of year for me?  Try it and see what shifts for you!Last month, I attended the first of four retreats that are part of aLeadership Programme I am taking part in.  It was, as you can imagine,an amazing experience and I have come back with lots of new ideas formy coaching practice! Some of you might be interested in the programme - you don't need tobe a coach to attend - and you can find out about it here at http://www.thecoaches.com and click on Leadership Programme.


In terms of the coaching work, my new leaflet - focussing onwork/career coaching - is just being printed and I'll be sending itout to those of you who I have a 'snail mail' address for.  If you would like a copy of this leaflet - maybe for a friend who could dowith some coaching aroudn work issues, send me an email with youraddress and I'll make sure I will send it to you.I'm also thinking of setting up a coaching group programme (6 - 10weeks) in the New Year - particuarly for people who want help to makechanges (i.e. career) or launch new projects (i.e.self-employment/creative projects) and also want support from people who aredoing simliar things. Let me know if you are interested in being involved.


Wishing everyone a fantastic x-mas and I hope to see you in the New Year!

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