FAQ & Cost


Finding out more/Consultation Session:


I offer an initial free 30 minute telephone consultation session so you can find out more and decide whether you want to go ahead with the coaching.  To prepare,  you can ask yourself a few questions:  What is your biggest challenge you are facing right now? What would be possible if you overcome this challenge?  If the coaching was to be successful for you, what would the outcome be?


How long will the coaching last? When can I expect to see changes or make key decisions?


The majority of my clients work with me for a minimum of 10 to 12 sessions (4 - 6 months)  However, depending on the issue we are exploring the time clients stay in coaching can vary.  I generally recommend clients work with me for a minimum of 6 sessions (3 months)


While coaching is a goal oriented process it is not a 'quick fix' solution.  It is a process which involves clients reflecting and putting into practice new  ways of being and doing things.  The l ength of time clients stay in coaching varies from client to client depending on what they are working on, and what level of change/transformation they want to achieve.


A client coming for a specific issue might find 6 sessions enough and the issue/decision is resolved within that time.  Other clients need longer or find the return on their investment on the coaching so beneficial that they decide to continue (i.e. a client who is receiving coaching on an on-going issue or longer project such as starting a new business or transitioning to a new career might choose ongoing coaching over a year).  If you want to find out how clients benefit from coaching, have a look at testimonials from my clients.


How many coaching sessions would I have have each month? What coaching tools or techniques do you use in sessions? What happens in between sessions?


Most clients opt to have 2 x One- hour coaching sessions per month either by phone, Skype or in person (in London).  Our 1st Discovery/Intake session is 1.5 hours.


In sessions, I use a range of coaching tools that help you look at your decision or issue in different ways and then find your way to move foward.  I ask questions to help you reflect.  We might do some brainstorming and do some writing or mind mapping on a piece of paper or flipchart.   I might ask you to get up and move as we coach as often we can find that through moving and shifting our body we can change our mood and discover something new.  I often use guided meditation techniques as this can help you access the less conscious part of your brain.  Sometimes clients bring in dreams and as I've trained in dream work, these can sometimes give us insight.    Everyone responds to something different and there is no 'one size fits all' approach.   The important thing is that we want to try to look at the problem or issue in a different way because the way you have been trying to resolve it isn't working!


I will give you 'homework' to do and reflect upon in between sessions.  This helps you to put into practice what you are learning about yourself and enable you to develop your plans/move forward with decisions


Clients are not tied into committing for a specific number of sessions.  If you decide coaching isn't right for you, all I ask is for notice of one coaching session before completing coahcing.




I charge £110 per 1 hour session. Our first session lasts 1.5 hours and costs £165.  If you decide to book & pay for a block of 6 sessions in advance, you will recieve a discount of 10%.  Most clients have a session every two weeks and I bill clients at the end of each month via Pay Pal.


Clients earning £35,000 or less can qualify for concessary rates - usually £75 per session - enquire for more information.


In addition to paid coaching, I also work pro-bono clients through my volunteer work at the Open Book project which seeks to support disadvantaged people (i.e. ex-prisoners and ex-addicts) who wish to enter higher education.  If this applies to you, please contact the Open Book project directly.


How to pay


I'll invoice you on a monthly basis for the sessions we agree to have each month.  You can pay by Pay Pal or bank transfer. Somtimes clients want to pay for a block of sessions in advance (usually 6 or 10 sessions).


What are the clients you work with like? How many clients do you see at any one time?


I love working with clients who are ready, and committed to deep reflection, transformation and moving forward in their lives. Many of my clients report that although they came in to address one specific area or challenge, they ended up with more clarity and confidence in most areas of their life.  I work with a maximum of 15 private clients at any one time. I currently have availability to take on new clients and will update this page when I do not.  When all client spaces are full,  I keep a waiting list.  


Telephone or Face to Face Coaching


I offer both face to face coaching and telephone coaching.  Approx. half of my clients live outside London and the UK and benefit from telephone coaching.   I see face-to-face clients at my practice rooms in East Dulwich, Forest Hill and Bank (City of London)


How to book a session 


If you are interested in coaching, you can book a free introductory 30 minute telephone coaching session. Email me at beth@ticktockcoaching.co.uk  My assistant Laura will get back to you to schedule in our initial consultation session.