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Completing Coaching - 11 May 2019    


Completion sessions with clients are always bittersweet.  I love it when clients realise how much they have grown  shifted during the coaching due to their willingness to be open and vulnerable but there is always a wee bit of sadness at the end of the coaching relationship.  We've been on a journey together - as cheesy as that sounds!  It's an unusual thing - a coaching relationship.  Like any therapeutic relationship, the coach and the client aren't friends.  They don't have a long shared history or knowledge of each other.  Yet, it can have a certain amount of intimacy.  Often my clients say things to me that they have never said to anyone else before.  As the coach, I am brought into someones world for a short amount of time and get to witness their growth, their vulnerabilities, their fears.  


So at the end of the relationship, there is abit of sadness that we won't be meeting anymore, that I won't be part of this ongoing journey.  And yet, that is often this is part of the joy - that the client has integrated all the coaching tools and techniques that we've explored.  I love knowing that clients are going to move on and take everything that they have learnt about themselves and that they have done into their new lives.


Clients also report mixed feelings at the end of the coaching.  Ending a coaching relationship can echo more difficult endings and separations that clients have experienced.  Clients might feel nervous about ending coaching for instance.  That's one of the reasons I bring up the subject of the end of coaching at our first session... so that we can talk about how clients might know when they are ready for coaching to finish.


Questions I encourage clients to ask themselves include: How close are you to reaching your goal that you came into coaching for? How much better do you feel?  Are you feeling that you are making the right decision and do you have a feeling of acceptance?  Some of these questions were inspired by an article I read on endings in therapeutic relationships here.


Usually, I find that clients will let me know when they are ready to end the coaching but sometimes I might suggest that the client is ready to finish the coaching.  Before we end, we will have a completion session where we look back at the process and what the client is taking away from coaching.  We also look at goals and action for the future.  After this session,  I will email clients a feedback form which allows me to get an opportunity to get feedback from clients on what worked well and what they would have liked more of in the coaching.





























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