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Challenging the brain .... and old beliefs - March 6, 2019


Like many native English speakers, I'm not fluent in another language.  Although I learnt French in school many years ago, I never used French and when I recently went to Paris to do a workshop with Wendy Palmer, I could barely order coffee in a local cafe.  Meanwhile, many of my friends living in Europe are fluent in several languages.


At the same time, I have been aware of many research studies that show that learning a language has many benefits for our brain.  And, at a recent parent teacher evening, I heard how my son is barely passing HIS french class in school.


I decided that something needed to change.  In February, I signed up for one-to-one French lessons.   The first class was so difficult and I could barely understand what my teacher was saying (she speaks mainly in French to students).  I was given homework and recommended that I download a French language ap.  I duly did this and spent sometime every day (no more than 15 minutes) focused on French.


My second lesson was a big surprise!  I could in fact understand more and more of what my teacher was saying.   It felt as though all those French lessons from school over 30 years ago were slowly surfacing.


Last weekend, I flew to Basel.  I used French to order a coffee.  This simple act made me feel so proud.  Those old beliefs that I am crap at learning lanugage and that I could never be fluent are starting to shift.  
























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