Prior to working as a coach worked in the charitable and not-for-profit sector managing projects and organisations.  After 15 years of working in the charitable sector, I was ready for a change!  I saw a career coach who helped me work out what I wanted to do.  I then gave in my notice and set up my fundraising and management consultancy.   I've  since coached hundreds of clients over my 12 years of coaching.


A few years after I made the leap to self-employment,  I was  drawn to the principles of Co-Active Coaching, leading me to train with the Coaches Training Institute where I have gained CPCC accreditation.  Three years ago, I earned my PCC credential from the International Coaches Federation (ICF)


In addition to seeing private clients, I'm a volunteer coach on Open Book project based in South London where I coach people who want to enter higher education but who have faced life challenges in the past such as drug addiction or mental health problems.













Many people ask how I got the idea of coaching women around the decision to have children or not.  Like many of my friends, when I approached the age of 35, I found myself at the crossroads of a major dilemma - to have children or remain child-free?    In the end, I decided to become a parent but I also realised that I could have had an equally satisfying child-free life if I hadn't had a child. This led me to coach women around the decision to have a child or not.  This is one of my main niche areas that I specialise in as a coach and  I have featured in a number of national publications including: The Times, the Observor Magazine, Scotland on Sunday and Glamour Magazine.  I have also appeared on BBC Radio 4 'Women's Hour' and BBC Radio Scotland 'Ask Kaye'.  


I also coach parents who are struggling to get the work life balance they need.  I came to this partially through my own experience as a parent but also because I've had a number of clients who I worked with to help them make the baby decision and who decided to have a child, then returned for coaching on challenges they have faced upon becoming parents.


In addition to these key niche areas, I also coach people who hate their job but don't know what they want to do instead, solo entrapreneurs/small business owners (particularly in the East Dulwich/Forest Hill neighbourhood where I live and practice) who want to take their business to the next level and high level leaders who want to be more powerful, authentic and confident.  


I'm known for bringing my eccentric spirit into my coaching - using passion, humour and a sense of being anchored in service of my clients!!  


If you are looking for a coach in London, I see face-to-face coaching clients at my practice rooms in the City (Lombard Street nr Bank station) and in East Dulwich.   I also have a large number of telephone/Skype clients based outside London and internationally - including the US, Canada, UAE and Europe.



"Passionate and enthusiastic about making the most of life, Beth walks the talk - the most powerful and authentic place from which to begin helping people. She's skilled enough to be flexible, adapting sessions to make the most of my responses. Working with her was an empowering, enlightening experience.” ~ Maggie, teacher, 33


My Qualifications: I'm a Certified Professional Coactive Coach, a certified Firework Career Coach, a certified Conscious Embodiment Instuctor and I hold the Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) Awarded by the International Coaches Federation.

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